Ten Methods Jo Kelly Coaches People To Be Great Actors

May 8, 2024

Jo Kelly isn't your average acting coach.

However, she's actually not referring to herself as a "teacher" in any way "I am not involved with instructing people on how to conduct themselves" she says. "I help people to stop becoming a human being."

Through a set of activities which are experiential, Jo coaches mainly actors and other artists and non-artist "seekers" in how to find their inner peace and become their true self. This means that actors have the ability to put aside their work and be. "I prefer thinking of me as a midwife rather than a teacher, since I aid people to come back to who they are as well as helping them reenergize themselves," she explains.

She believes the success for actors lies on their ability and the satisfaction they get in putting all their effort into their role. "When your character is protected and the story told, it will be covered and the general public will be affected," she says.

Her unique method for leading artists, she assists her students to discover their childlike interest, fascination and even playing. What exactly is that? They offer authentic, energetic live entertainment that is authentic, energetic and unadulterated.

In 2016, Jo moved away from coaching in person and founded an online business via . Since then, she's led three consecutive learning adventures and given over 8,000 lessons to students. Students have had amazing success when working with Jo and were invited to join some of the top studios such as Netflix, HBO, Disney, Showtime, ABC Studios and many others.

It's the way she started an online venture she's very interested on:

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She conducted her own research

Jo had an unusual way to get into acting.

She was born in Belgium Her birthplace was Belgium. She completed her MBA before concentrating on the management of human resources and psychosystemic psychology. Following that, she was employed as a corporate coach. "The work environment that I worked within was not the same as the one I had grown used to." the writer explains. "I decided to stop everything and move to Paris to start from scratch ."

Her primary goal when she took her very first step into the realm of performing was try her hand with acting. The first thing she did was fall in love with. She was a dedicated, determined person who put in to investing all her energy and money in acquiring abilities to be the finest actress she could become.

In spite of her commitment to her job, her mother says she was a talented actor, but not an exceptional actor. Like many others, she was struggling with anxieties on stage. "Most actors suffered from similar problems," she says. "We were all extremely committed and determined. However, when it was to perform the role, actors were nervous. ."

The actress was interested in learning about the challenges which prevented her like many other actors from becoming professional actors. "My fascination became the principal aspect of my existence" she says. "I want to know how actors who are committed and dedicated to their work decrease the quality of their performances ."

The following times, she studied the reasons that people were feeling confined. This led to a understanding that when children play they are in control. When adults play similarly and are confined to the freedom that they have because of social conventions. "When I realized that I was spending all my time really aiding actors break free of the limitations of their roles, and that they could be themselves, and have that youthful spirit that they once had," explains Jo.

Her coaching started in the year 2000.

Jo's experience with research inspired her to investigate various methods to treat ailments through the use of somatics. She also experimented with clients through individual and group coaching sessions in the beginning of 2000. Following a few years, she changed the name of the business Or Not To Act.

The team soon realized that individuals she mentored did not possess the same level of commitment. "No how hardworking or dedicated my team members were, they weren't able to attend every single day. While we had monthly meetings however, we only met 3 times. However, there wasn't any commitment between meetings. The balls were frequently dropped when I was away." Jo declares. Jo.

Her opinion was that classes on the internet could help students to stay true to their practice. Students refer to their courses on the internet as "journeys," and the beginning of the journey she takes students on will be The Reset: From Resistance to Freedom that was developed by her in 2014. "I created The Reset so that I could assist people every day of the class runs," she explains. "Since the course is accessible on the internet, students can access the course at their own pace and set their own timetable."

Jo believes that humans possess a natural instinct. However, the conditioning that comes with society forces us to think, feel and behave the way we do. In the words of Jo, the goal of the Reset is to help people participate in exercises every day that aid in removing the behaviors which have been taught and return to the normal behavior. Each day, during The Reset, Jo offers recorded exercises. Jo provides two Q&As, and two sessions where pods can be used for working in groups as well as an informal Q&A where Jo addresses frequently asked questions via Facebook, an online community. Facebook which is only available to those who have Jo's.

Adjusting the time of your online activities lets Jo's students may take part in class whenever they like at the time they rise or fall asleep, and when they're able to. "The greatest benefit is that you can tailor the lessons so that they're able to fit in with their daily routines," she explains.

It was a venture online which allowed her to lead a lifestyle that was more flexible

When Jo first started his online Reset journey and journey, she could log every single every day activity on her site. Over the next few years the site changed to Reset following a recommendation by her instructor. "You people know the way to do it, I'm not" she says with a laugh.

In the last few years, since she began coaching on the internet, Jo's life has changed. As we had our chat with her, she was calling from a hospital in which she was with her daughter. "Eight years ago my child was born to the genetically-determined condition that is why she has to undergo hospitalization every month," she explains.

" permits me to remain a mom, while having full control of my life and running my business when I'm in hospital and my daughter gets the blood transfusions she needs every month that she needs," she says. "Working online lets me be able to take care of my daughter how I'd like to, and also be there 24/7 to care to care for her. This allows me to be able to travel in the case of hospitalization, as well as active in my profession that I am passionate about, without worry. ."

She then traveled to different places, and then created her own designs.

After completing The Reset After completing The Reset the participants are offered the option to enroll in a three-month course called The Intentional Actor. The Intentional Actor course is a 3-hour class that lasts for 12 weeks. "The students in this course tend to be more autonomous in their approach regarding accountability and proving that they can demonstrate. There are certain guidelines they have to adhere to every day, however they do not have to rely on me for successful completion of their work. Students must consider their motivations, and that is why we have this program." Jo writes.

Jo will also be conducting Q&As throughout the Purposeful Actor Journey as in addition to every day, over three days. When people are done with the Purposeful Journey you can decide to join a annual membership called BAMF Actors In Action, which is short for Bad-Ass Mum Fake Actors In Action. "I created the membership in order in order to aid those who've completed these two walks would like to continue their education in this direction," she says.

The membership program has been running since 2004. It is a month-long basis on content. Each month is a new content-based one, along with group events that include weekly pods, regularly scheduled Q&A sessions that are led by Jo and the annual summit that lasts 6 hours every three months. "The membership allows members to choose what they'd like to do for themselves in order to travel around the globe and do their goals and connect with professionals in the field, and to write material that they can use to raise the level of their work" she explains.

She performed along with musicians of different types

Based on Jo Jo, the vast majority of the clients who come to sessions are actors. Other clients include musicians, artists, dancers, and performers and even regular people who "want to transcend their physical limitations" such as mothers, professionals, such as professional athletes and television hosts as well as professional athletes and professional therapists. "Freedom is a concern for everyone who wants to fully express their feelings," she says.

Since the tour is conducted in English along with guides who speak fluent English it draws tourists from across the world. "We have visitors from every continents, however we're mostly America, Europe, and Australia," she shares.

The majority of her fans are in the 20-50 age range of age. Additionally, there are individuals who are approaching the conclusion of their third decade and are on her side but it's uncommon to find her inviting those who are 70 or 80 or older to accompany her on adventures.

Her clients did all the talking

When it comes to advertising her travels, Jo says the word was spread by the word of mouth.

Her homepage website has she has a testimonial video reel. It provides evidence of her good standing in society and enhances the trustworthiness of what she invests in the website. Visitors to the site can sign up for her newsletter via the site. To collect emails, she gives two workshops for free as lead magnets that will get the people interested. A Great Actor that will Give You the chance to be excellent and the Instinctive actor. Training helps her get the attention of her intended public, and convey the message. Also, they give people a an idea of how she engages with her customers.

Additionally, she updates regularly to her Instagram page which boasts over 10,000 followers. In addition, she receives interest from other sources, such as interviews on different podcasts, blogs, and magazines.

The price she selected was an excellent value

Jo is determined to ensure her trips are affordable to all, as actors are generally at a constant state regarding the income they earn. "If you had to go to an acting class once per week, you could pay anywhere between $300-$400. In the majority of cases, you watch other actors and you're asked to perform on the stage" she says.

"These journeys online offer more affordable alternative, and is also cheaper," continues Jo. "The benefits of traveling with us is 10 times greater than what we offer to our customers. ."

The Reset cost less than $1000 USD. The Purposeful Actor is priced at $1250 USD. The membership is $270 USD a month.

She was the pinnacle of a star.

Despite being the executive director of To Be Or Not To Act, Jo is firm in her determination to devote every moment in her area of expertise that's an awe-inspiring source of creative. That includes coaching people and creating material. Jo isn't certain she's tech-savvy, and prefers to stay "in flow" working at her highest level. "The additional aspects of running a business aren't my area of expertise because it's not something I'm skilled in" Jo says.

Jo believes her achievement was due to achieving her objectives to become a coach early into her professional career. At the end of the day, as she was ready to begin creating permanent adventures, Jo took the risk and signed up for a class with a budget of $20k, to understand how to make it. "It was a huge amount of money, which made me to take on the loan which was half the amount. It's an honor that I was able to get the loan," she shares.

She's convinced that anybody can create an online course that's effective. But, she cautions that it's not an easy task to do.

"It is a method that demands commitment and dedication. It is also essential to be passion for what you're working on. In my case, it's everything I've done ever since changing jobs in my in my 20s. It's the only thing I do. It's my passion. That no matter what I'm committed to working to the finish line, but I'm determined not quit. ."

Her creation was born out of her soul.

The author suggests that entrepreneurs who have an online presence remain honest about the effort they'll require to start an online business. They should take this step only if their subject matter is close to their hearts.

"The issue is that once you sign up to the social networking sites, you'll see that everybody proclaims that they're experts. And everyone will boast about how simple it is to make millions in just two minutes but it's far from the truth," says Jo. "It is proven that you've something valuable to you and would like to showcase it to a larger audience than you do. It requires work, which includes being thrown down before getting back up. The process involves coaching and earning money, as well as exertion until the foundation is established. ."

Much like Jo Like Jo, when you begin with a goal from your heart, it will aid in finding the motivation to persevere through difficult moments.

"An online enterprise isn't only an opportunity to make money. It has to be created with your intuition, and in keeping with what you're expected to achieve. If you don't do this, you'll lose the ball since it'll appear to be too heavy." She elaborates.

"If you're committed to it and are determined, then be willing to take on this challenge. If you're seeking an easy way to boost your cash flow, it's not possible to take on these challenges. I suggest that you concentrate on things that are significant to you. It's crucial to stay at the top of your game because there is a huge amount of competition. It is essential to be assured about your job ."

Her integrity was protected through her job

In response to a question about what we could expect to see by 2024 Jo thinks it will be a continuation of make use of websites for online classes. Jo thinks that the most significant distinction in "McDonald's" classes and "gourmet" class is classes designed with integrity.

"When you're being surrounded by numerous things you'll be able to find two kinds of online jobs. There are McDonald's kinds of courses. There are also high-quality and trusted classes. You'll find a way to do one thing or the other in your everyday activities. This won't originate from a genuine source, but there are some who have been following the same model for quite a while," she says.

To create an unforgettable dining experience, the most efficient method to do it is to go back to your core being.

"There is huge opportunity for people who are rooted in their heart and desire to give back," she continues. "The those who need assistance are likely to locate them ."

"I'm glad that this brings us human beings to the issues that are important to us. It's incredible."

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