Information: Japan has adopted a regulation law which targets Apple and Google Smartphone Marketplace dominance

Jul 4, 2024

Japan is the most recent country to adopt regulations which aim at companies such as Apple Inc. along with Google LLC from limiting third-party firms that would like to distribute and market their own apps for Google and Apple devices.

According to Kyodo News, "The legislation prohibits the developers of Apple's iOS and Google's Android smartphones' operating systems as well as apps as well as payment methods from hindering the sales of products and apps that compete directly with native operating platforms." The goal of the law is to stop platform providers from "gatekeeping" in addition to making it more difficult for them to compete with their applications and the apps that others.

The current Japan antimonopoly law punishes revenues of up to 6% resulted from unfair practices. The penalties for this particular law can reach as high up to 20% of domestic revenues from the products that violate of this law. The penalties can be as high as 30 percent in the event that violations are not stopped.

The law will be in effect at about 2025. This, as Kyodo News points out is exactly like the current EU regulations (presumably it is similar to the Europe's Digital Markets Act).

Kyodo News also reports that both Apple as well as Google have made announcements regarding their ongoing relations and cooperation with Japanese regulators.

The previous story on Kyodo News regarding the regulation which was initially approved by Japan's Cabinet acknowledged that it was in agreement with this regulation to be "a attempt to prevent the duopoly brought on by industry giants Apple Inc. as well as Google LLC," and further that this regulation indicates the Japanese government's intent to join with the EU in enacting additional regulations "of Big Tech firms such as Apple, Google and Inc. who have the potential to exert massive influence on the internet across the world."

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